About Townhouse

We are a creative technology company.

We use digital design and technology to creatively develop and deliver engaging experiences for our clients and their customers.

Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Townhouse is a full digital agency; we have a dynamic team of communication specialists, designers, marketers, programmers and developers. We devise solutions; we create, design, test, prototype, develop, refine and launch bespoke and cutting edge technological and digital solutions.

Our business activities include the development of bespoke content management systems (CMS), integration of technology into existing customer relationship management (CRM) tools, front-end digital design including web, mobile, table and digital display design, backend software development for web, mobile tablet and digital displays, mobile design, marketing and communication development.

So many times we’ve seen companies lumbered with technologies they don't fully understand, or having multiple processes that duplicate their workload; companies can’t afford to waste time on inefficient systems and processes for their digital output. Townhouse works collaboratively with all of its clients to identify and understand all their needs and objectives and ensure that all projects are client led and client and user focused.

We are problem solvers.

We are members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and we can be found on the Recommended Agency Register. In addition we are also part of the Creative Hertfordshire network.

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Just a little bit about what we do

iBeacons & Proximity Marketing

How would you like target your customers with specific messages based on their proxitiy to indiviudal products? We have extensive knowledge of iBeacon technology.

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Web & App Design & Development

As well as designing your website or mobile application, our developers also build simple to use solutions so that you have complete control over your site.

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Content Management Systems

Many agencies will work with only one CMS system and then try and shoehorn your requirements into that; We don't believe that any 2 clients are the same, and build according to your needs.

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Design, Branding & Marketing

Did you know your brand is different to your logo? Well we can design your logo and help you position your brand. In addition we can help with all your marketing.

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