Deliver content to your customer's mobile device about any
specific object based on their exact proximity to that object

Easy setup

Add your content to our platform, assign it to iBeacon and place that iBeacon next to your object or product. The iBeacon transmits whilst mobile devices via the App pick up the signal.


The iBeacon transmit a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal that can be detected by the users mobile device. Specific content from our platform is pushed to the users mobile device.


The user is alerted that they have come into the proximity of a iBeacon. Information, including text, video and imagery is then pushed to the users mobile via the App.

iBeacons based technology

What is it?

iBeacons are a low cost proximity based technology.

What does it do?

It enables you to push out specific and targeted messages to a user based on their exact proximity to an object.

The technology

iBeacon are small thumb drive devices that emit a low powered Bluetooth signal (Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE or Bluetooth 4.0)

How does it work?

Content is assigned to an iBeacon, when a user comes into proximity of the iBeacon content is then pushed to the users mobile device.

Other sectors that can utilise iBeacon technology

  • Retail.

    The ability to sent offers and promotions directly to a users mobile device based on their time and day and location within your shop.

  • Museums & Exhibitions spaces.

    Enhance your current exhibitions and push further information about artefacts on display (and in storage) directly to your visitors.

  • Vehicle Dealerships.

    Enable your visitors to look around your showroom and to experience all the information they need sent directly to their mobile device.

  • Tourist attractions.

    Create a virtual tour were users are sent audio and video directly to their mobile device based on the piece they are standing directly next to.

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Case Study

Letchworth Arts Centre

Making Art Engaging using iBeacon technology.

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Christina Bryant
Case Study

The Car Agents

Enhancing the Customer Experience.

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