Black Horse is the UK’s leading motorcycle finance provider.

Offering a range of financial products including Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for customers looking to finance their motorcycle or scooter for the majority of motorcycle manufacturers in the UK.

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Previously the only way for customers to get a finance quote for motorbikes or scooters within the Piaggio Group was for them to speak directly to a showroom sales person.

Numerous issues arose due to insufficient, inaccurate and stale quotes - these problems wasted time and frustrated customers and salespeople alike.

Black Horse needed a solution that enabled them to manage the brands, models and finance packages of all motorbikes and scooters and enabled the customers of the Piaggio Group to search and generate finance quotes instantly.

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Black Horse


Black Horse needed a comprehensive system that would enable them to manage all aspects; from adding manufacturers, models, accessories, finance types (HP, PCP or both) and run any promotions that they have.

The system also needed to both pull in information via an API and push information out. Any system put in place had to comply with strict financial rules and regulations.

Customers had to be able to find information about the models quick and easily; they then had to be able to input their finance options themselves (deposit, term and mileage) in order to generate quotes.

In addition customers should be able to compare models ands quotes as well as having the ability to email the quotes to themselves.

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Our solution was to design and build a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that powered multiple responsive websites enabling customers to search for makes and models of motorbikes and scooters.

But more importantly generate finance quotes based on the input options of their choice. Breaking the entire process down we started with a full admin storyboard and prototype.

We mapped out the entire Admin journey;

  • how to add a manufacturer,
  • - how to add models of motorcycles and scooters,
  • - how to add variants of those models (i.e. limited editions, colours),
  • - how to add the finance - whether that model can be purchased either by HP or PCP or both,
  • - the minimum and maximum terms of the finance and finally any accessories that could be purchased with that model.

Black Horse

The Results

Townhouse delivered a fully bespoke, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and website, that has enabled Black Horse to manage all makes, models and finance options in-house.

Customers can easily search for models and generate finance quotes based on their own requirements.

Through the CMS, Black Horse can add, edit, delete models (including colour variants), add and assign that model to a model family (i.e. Piaggio YourBan family) and model type (i.e. sports bike).

Bespoke Content Management System

The CMS enables Black Horse to manage not only the makes and models but also all of the finance options available to the customer.

Black Horse are able to select the finance type for that model (HP, PCP or both), the minimum and maximum terms and default APR. This is set as a default across the range, but can be individually changed for each model and variant for example there is APR offer on a yellow model but not the red model.

Any offers or promotions can be displayed on the homepage of the site by simply selecting a start and an end date.

Finally any model can have the industry standard CAP ID added to it.

The CMS is scalable and modular which will enable Black Horse to extend the scope of the platform as demand requires.

Black Horse

Finance Calculations

After adding in all of the models, the system needed to generate the finance calculations based on the finance type.

For HP all calculations had to be undertaken by the system. This included taking all of the backend input figures i.e. RRP, First registration fee and calculating that against the term and the APR. For the PCP, an API feed was pulled through from iVendi and displayed correctly.


In addition to pulling through the iVendi API feed to generate the PCP quotes, the system also pushed out an API feed.

This feed can be integrated directly into the websites of any of the dealerships (if required) allowing their customers (and staff) to generate both HP and PCP quotes instantly.


The front end design had to be responsive and easy to use, especially on mobile devices.

The site needed to enable customers to get a finance quote quickly based on their input.

This was achieved by extensive prototyping and user testing of different layouts and configurations.

Finally we developed the layout that enabled three inputs from the customer and pushed out both the HP and PCP quotes. Customers could then, based on their preference, get a further breakdown of either quote.

From there, the customer could either add to a compare facility (where they can compare up to 3 quotes) or email the quote to themselves.

Customers can now generate as many quotes as they like, whenever they like, using accurate data - all from the comfort of their sofa using their smartphone.

Black Horse

Black Horse

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