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The Car Agents

The Car Agents are a Hitchin-based vehicle showroom that specialises in sports, prestige and classic vehicles.

The Car Agents wanted to create a customer experience that was immersive and reflective of the high-end, high-spec cars on display in their Queen Street showroom.

Our’s solution was to put in place a bespoke proximity based solution that utilises iBeacon technology to provide an unique experience for their visitors.

From our first meeting we were impressed with Townhouse’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

- Josh Michell, General Manager

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The Car Agents
The Car Agents


There are three elements to the solution:

      iBeacons - small Bluetooth Low Energy transmitting devices - which are placed in each vehicle,
      a bespoke cloud based Content Management System (CMS) developed by Townhouse, and
      an iOS App built by us.

Each vehicle produced a lot of information. Our first task was to map out and standardise content required and how this was to be added to the bespoke Content Management System.

This ensured that staff at The Car Agents could quickly, easily and efficiently add vehicle information either on desktop or mobile devices.

The information included make, model, colour, options, full service history, price, mileage, option extras and so on.

The Car Agents

Ease of Use

The whole system needed to be easy to use; once a vehicle was added to the CMS it was then assigned to an iBeacon and placed in the car.

The iBeacons can also be reassigned meaning to different cars. The mobile app would automatically refresh its content on launch and therefore load any new vehicles, instantly.

For the development of the app, the showroom was geo-located, which meant that the app or the fact there was an app available would appear on the homepage of the user’s iOS device.

When the user moved around the showroom, information about each vehicle – based on their proximity to that vehicle would be pushed to their device.

More than a Showroom

The Car Agents also have a service area, a valet area (called the Car Spa) and a relaxation area called the Car Bar.

We have updated the CMS so that pages within the app (not just vehicles) can be assigned to an iBeacon.

This will allow for the placement of iBeacons throughout the entire building that will give users a tour.

If the user is near the Car Spa it will push out information about the services available.

When they are in the Car Bar, it will push information about the bar area and encourage the user to go through to the showroom.

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And Launch

The app enabled visitors to move freely around the showroom, whilst instantly having all the information they want about a particular vehicle simply by moving into its proximity.

The project went live in July 2015 and has allowed The Car Agents to improve its customer experience. Customers are able to research the showroom vehicles at their leisure without having to be disturbed or speak to sales people.

The system has helped the sales staff at busy times as visitors can get all the vehicle information without the staff having to run in between 2 or 3 visitors at the same time.

We place an emphasis on customer experience rather than volume of sales and we want customers to be able to browse our high-end vehicles at their leisure. The non-intrusive nature of the experience meant that all the information was there when they wanted it. It’s been a genuine talking point and the customer feedback has been fantastic.

- Josh Michell, General Manager

The Car Agents

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