Vidais are a video platform agency

Vidais started life as a video platform for video agency 43 Digital to manage one of their client's video SEO.

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Vidais started out as a video SEO platform developed for video SEO company 43 Digital.

Initially created by Townhouse so that 43 Digital's client, Thomas Pink, could upload and manage all of their videos used on both their eCommerce and their TV channel.

The platform would then enable 43 Digital to undertake video SEO.


The platform integrated with several other 3rd party software products including eCommerce.

Full analytics were presented within the dashboard of the platform allowing for precise measurement of ROI.

In addition we developed the platform so that only a couple of lines of code would need to be added to the existing HTML of a webpage.


43 Digital renamed themselves after the platform and Townhouse also undertook the development of their website.

Vidais have very quickly secured additional clients including Schuh, Bever, Orbitz and eBookers.

Read the Thomas Pink case study as featured on the Vidais website.

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